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DAIKIN 'Wall Mounted' R32 Reversecycle *Indoor Unit only CTXM20RVMA (2.0kW)

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Daikin Cora 2.0kW CTXM20RVMA R32 Wall Mounted Head Unit

Delivering everyday efficiency to your living space, the new Daikin Cora series features a higher energy star rating, whisper-quiet sound levels, and next-generation odor removal technology for powerful and thorough climate and air quality control.

  • R32 Refrigerant - Enables increased energy efficiency and a significant reduction in 'Global Warming Potential Factor' - great for the environmentally conscious.
  • 2-Area Intelligent Eye - An infrared human presence sensor helps prevent cold draughts and enables energy-saving operations when the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes.
  • Coanda Airflow - Discharge louvers are designed to stream air along with the ceiling for longer throws and deliver rapid cooling and even temperature distribution.
  • Air Purification - Titanium apatite deodorizing air purification filter traps microscopic particles, decomposes odors, and even deactivates bacteria.
  • Program Dry Function - Besides reducing humidity, this function automatically controls temperature and airflow rate and will cleverly switch into cooling mode if the room temperature rises too much.
  • Precision Control - For even greater precision and control, you can now set your room temperature in increments of 0.5°C to ensure optimal comfort conditions all year round.