Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ-airconaustralia-frquently asked questions
Q1. Where are you Located?

A. Australia wide - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Townsville, Darwin, and the regional areas around these cities. Head office is in Sydney.

Q2. Do you keep stock all over Australia?

A. Yes! Thats the fastest way to get it to you!

Q3. Are your installation partners in every city? 

A. We have installation partners in all major cities.

Q4. How can you offer such huge promises? Do you mean it?

A. We Sure do! We aim to outperform any competitor and give the best customer service. We make big promises, and we keep them. And you win. Ts and Cs are found on our terms of service page.

Q5. Do you offer installation? 

A. Yes! We have partners Australia Wide who can come out and install your AC product!

Q6. Do you guarantee best price ?

A. Yes! In the unlikely event you can get a better deal, we promise to match it. This excludes grey imports, unlicensed traders, ebay resellers and stores without 2 bricks and mortar shopfronts. It also must be shown at the time of purchase to be cheaper, and not a runout item and in stock at the time.

Q7. Is it Air Con Australia Online that installs the units?

A. We hand select our installation partners so you can be sure that your installation is top quality! Our partners are independent but strenuously reviewed. This is a point of difference between us and other competitors, as we have actually worked in the Air Conditioning Industry for many many years, and are able to source the best quality contractors. You are free to go direct to our contractors - we don't want you to pay for a middle - man :)

Q8. How long will my AC unit take to arrive?

A. In Australian Metro Areas it will usually take under 4 days, and often 2-3.  Regional areas may differ, but usually less than a working week.

Q9. Can I get the installation done by my own contractor?

A. Absolutely!

Q10. What if my installation is not a back to back installation?

A. Thats absolutely ok! Our prices are guaranteed to be as set out in the Installation pricing guide - refer to the potential extra charges shown here. All costs are shown upfront!

Q11. If my unit is incorrect, how do I return it?

A. Please contact us and we will have it picked up from you. Simple as that - and we pay for the freight.