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Daikin 'Alira' Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner FTXM20U (2.0 KW)

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ALIRA - Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • Available in- Reverse Cycle (Heating or Cooling)
  • Capacity-   2.0kW
  • Refrigerant- R32

Perfect fusion : New R32 is a perfect blend of progressive design aesthetic and superior energy performance.

Area Intelligent Eye : The infrared human presence sensor helps to prevent draughts and can switch the air con to energy saving mode when the room has been unoccupied for 20 mins.

Coanda airflow : louvres designed to stream air along the ceiling for rapid cooling and a more even temperature distribution.

Precision control : The room temperature can be adjusted in increments of 0.5C for optimal comfort.

Whisper quiet : Quiet mode so quiet you won't even notice it's on.

Air purification : Titanium apatite deodorizing air purification filter traps microscopic particles, decomposes odors, and deactivates bacteria.

Wi-Fi : Optional Wi-Fi Adaptor