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Daikin 5kw Bulkhead unit- FDXS50L-LB

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Daikin bulkhead system - built in!


This is one of the best selling sizes, as its the leading seller in a lounge room,  in your average 2 bedder apartment (and that size of apartment may be the most popular apartment construction type!) For heat load info there’s a link above .

London, Paris, New York.

Have you been ?  Did you love it?  Are you one of the people who likes enjoy the finer things in life, even sometimes?

Welcome to our product page for Daikin.  They are without a doubt, the most prestigious brand on the market.  Love shiny, steely appliances in your home? Love leather seats?  Daikin are the brand for you.

Air that seems to stay drier, cooler, and on those frosty winter nights, you will sleep and sleep.

From their beautiful white backlit displays or the electric blue, which look so amazing at night, treat yourself to one of these seductive sultry Air conditioners. 

Fresh and white as the driven snow, and minimal branding, exude class and sophistication into your dining room, or for the master bedroom, commanding icy chill temperatures with the click of a button.

Stylish.  Sleek.  Sexy.

Dont just talk about it. Get a Daikin now.

Indoor model - FDXS50LVMA

Outdoor model - RXS50LVMA

Complete with wireless remote

Best For:
Heating or cooling one room from a built in style unit!

Houses with limited roof space and outdoor space All Daikin air conditioners exceed MEPS requirements, in line with Daikin’s commitment to providing energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable air conditioning solutions.