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Daikin 50-71WLAN Wifi Adaptor for split system

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Daikin 50-71WLAN Mobile Controller Wi-Fi interface (to suit FTX(K)M50-71, FTXV50-71, FTX(K)F60-71, DTXF60-71)

  • Direct Connection: For locations without a Wi-Fi network, the app can wirelessly connect directly to the a wireless LAN adaptor equipped air conditioner, when in range.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: A wireless LAN adaptor equipped air conditioner can easily be joined to a local Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the system can be controlled from any networked Android or iOS device.
  • Internet Connection: Monitor and control your system from virtually anywhere, adjusting temperature and setting for a comfortable environment ready for when you arrive home. With no subscription costs from Daikin, all you need is a permanent internet connection for Wi-Fi network, and an internet connection for your phone or tablet.