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Zone Motors - Select Quantity

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Zones are amazing.

They allow you to close of areas, when not in use. They also allow you to focus more of the energy into certain areas on days of higher load.

You can also sometimes get a smaller Air Con size, as you can plan the Air Con to do only a certain percentage of your home at one time.

This is a must as an add on for any ducted system.

To control this motor, you need to also have the zone controller, also available on our site (just search in the search bar).

Select the quantity you need here, and our installer will do the rest.

The price here will switch all duct sizes in your home, and also includes the labour and all costs to have it working - you dont need to worry about a thing our installer does the lot.

Example: If you have 5 rooms you wish to turn off, just select 5 of these zone motors and the correct zone controller.