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Daikin 'Alira' Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner FTXM60U (6.0 KW)

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ALIRA Wall Mounted- Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • Available in- Reverse Cycle (Heating or Cooling)
  • Capacities-   6.0kW(Cooling capacity)   7.2kW(Heating capacity)
  • Refrigerant- R32

R32 Refrigerant: R32 is the next generation in refrigerants that enables increased energy efficiency and a significant reduction in ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ when compared to refrigerant R410A thereby reducing the risk of harm to the environment.

Coanda Airflow: For a comfortable home environment, selecting the COMFORT mode during cooling operations repositions the discharge louvre horizontally and streams air upwards towards the ceiling through what is known as the Coanda Effect. This enables “throws” of up to 15 metres delivering rapid cooling and even temperatures within the space.

New 2-Area Intelligent Eye: The New 2 Area Intelligent eye is so clever it can now either direct airflow towards you or away from you for draft-free comfort, or when both areas are occupied, automatically activates comfort airflow mode to maintain conditions in both areas. If the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes, the unit automatically goes into energy saving operations.

Clean Air: Some indoor units are design with a Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter. These filters are highly effective in removing bacteria and viruses along with mould and odours to keep your indoor environment clean and healthy.

Standard Features: Weekly timer and 24 Hour timer, Night set mode, Self diagnosis with digital display, Comfortable mode, Econo mode.